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2014-01-30 23:52:37 by samally78

Just got back from a basketball game. We totally pounded the other team. Got a couple 3 pointers and the other team got about 15 fouls. My voice hurts from cheering the team on, so worth it!


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2014-01-30 23:58:10

College basketball? Ever played it before?

samally78 responds:

I played a little bit, but not much. I started to study a lot around that time. I mostly just played with a few of my best buddies after school, but we were all hardcore players. We would have a bunch of people watch us play, even place bets on which team would win. I mostly played defense but every so often I'd play offense. We made a good team...ahhhh, I miss those days. I should get the team back together.