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2014-01-30 00:53:24 by samally78

I was feeling hungry so I decided to eat some pasta...turned out the "Prego" sauce expired in July...of 2014...I got it about two years ago...seriously questioning the expiration dates of everything I have. Just found REALLY old steak. Ummm, steak is not blue.


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2014-01-30 19:51:51

And the opposite is true; certain pills like Aleve (naproxen) and anti-worm medicine for critters, go bad months before their expiration dates. Well, here's one site..

Dem food saver vacuum bags are well worth the effort... of course I keep thinking, I'm going to rotate the food quickly enough, so they don't get frozen/oxidized/burnt/iffy.

samally78 responds:

Thanks! I'll check it out!