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2014-03-08 21:57:32 by samally78

Crap, I just realized I left the stove on. No wonder it smelled funny.

COD: Ghosts

2014-03-08 21:49:24 by samally78

 One of my best buddies came over and we played COD: Ghosts, Infection. We were playing on Chasm and he found this tree...Now this tree was hanging over the side of the map and he just sat there and killed anybody who came near! HE WON LIKE 20 GAMES IN A ROW!!!!!! I couldn't even throw my knife because he sniped me too fast! We will NEVER play on that map again. Of course after that we played Halo 4 and I killed him about 45 times, so it was all good in the end.


2014-03-07 19:54:34 by samally78

I JUST finished a game of monopoly. It took us 3 FREAKING DAYS!!!! NEVER AGAIN MONOPOLY!!!!!!!


2014-01-30 23:52:37 by samally78

Just got back from a basketball game. We totally pounded the other team. Got a couple 3 pointers and the other team got about 15 fouls. My voice hurts from cheering the team on, so worth it!


2014-01-30 00:53:24 by samally78

I was feeling hungry so I decided to eat some pasta...turned out the "Prego" sauce expired in July...of 2014...I got it about two years ago...seriously questioning the expiration dates of everything I have. Just found REALLY old steak. Ummm, steak is not blue.

My cat just slipped!

2014-01-28 19:50:41 by samally78

Cat just fell off the windowsill, lol, hilarious! He was trying to be all fancy about walking on the edge of it and when he slipped I imagined him in slow motion saying, "NOOOOOOOOO...!"


2014-01-27 19:41:39 by samally78

Just got 400 bucks from one of my best buds. Going to buy me a new freaking xbox and GTA 5. I got this whole week in for gaming.

I was playing basketball and didn't miss a single shot and played some freaking good defense! I drew a fairly good zombie girl, and had the best dinner ever- steak with teryaki rice! Hell yeah!

It Came From Hell I Swear

2013-09-09 02:28:56 by samally78

I was lying in bed and suddenly my room became brighter...but only slightly. I rolled over and stared at the wall. Shadows danced across the walls, and the room changed from dim to dark, then back again. I could have sworn I heard whispers floating inside the room, bouncing off the walls and into my head. I built up the courage to roll over, and what I saw terrified me. A dark figure stood in my room. It seemed to mix with the air itself. It had no outline, no face, not even a figure. It came into and out of focus, as if it was there, but not. I could tell it was looking at me by the way its head was turned. Shivers raced up and down my body. I didn't know what to do. I was too scared to move, to even blink. I just sat there, staring at this thing in my room. Then the air rippled, and the dark figure disappeared. I turned my light on and lied there, curled up against the wall, my body filled with horror. I didn't sleep, my fear kept me awake. Sometimes I could have sworn I saw him out of the corner of my eye, but I just kept telling myself, "It's my head playing tricks on me, that's all. It's just in my head."

It Came From Hell I Swear


2013-09-07 20:38:46 by samally78

So bored...anybody else?